Technical documents

The Implementation Reporting Framework tool

NOTE: We have identified a glitch in the Supply from refineries & traders tab, which has been resolved and version 5.7 is the most up-to-date one.

Find below the updated IRF template for No Deforestation and No Peat which allows you to produce profiles and define the time period you’re reporting on. It also allows you to indicate if the profile has been verified, as well as to extract the profile in PDF. Note: The version of this template is the same as the IRF tool below.

Guidance on how to use the updated template and how to extract the IRF profile

You can access the recorded tutorial on how to populate the updated profile template (including defining period for partial reporting) and how to extract the profile in PDF here.

NDP IRF tool, without option for including period of reporting

The Implementation Reporting Framework Tool aims to help refineries to capture information on progress, by the mill and its supply, in meeting NDPE commitments.

The Implementation Reporting Framework tool – Spanish

Find below the IRF template for NoD and NoP in Spanish.

The Implementation Reporting Framework tool – Updates in versions

Find below the document summarizing all changes made to the template since its first publishing

Guidance for Refineries and other First Aggregators : Using the IRF NoDeforestation and NoPeat template

An overview of how to use the IRF tool, or template, for those who buy palm oil directly from mills.

Land rights methodology

Labour rights and working conditions methodology

NDPE IRF Summary

Overview of the Implementation Reporting Framework and how it works

NDPE IRF Introduction webinar

Below you can download recorded webinar which provides an overview of the NDP Implementation Reporting Framework as well as a practical example for populating the template

NDPE IRF Data verification protocol by Peterson

You can download the data verification protocol for No-Deforestation and No-Peat IRF. It can be implemented by certified auditing bodies for verifying you IRF profile’s data.